Installation Case 63 : Korea Machine Weguard HD-100S Hot Cold Water Dispenser

Today preparing to install this model Weguard HD-100S  hot cold water dispenser pipe in system.
IMG 20170421 111754 water filter

White Red color. Available for monthly rental.
IMG 20170421 111809 water filter

For first, we have to join in the water supply for Weguard machine.
IMG 20170421 114434 water filter

This is 4 elements Korea filter cartridge.
IMG 20170421 112015 water filter

Largest storage cold tank.
IMG 20170421 114009 water filter

Before use have flushing out water 15 minutes.
IMG 20170421 113527 water filter

Hot cold mild alkaline water available and hot water tap with safety lock function.
IMG 20170421 112022 water filter

Installation done.
IMG 20170422 104302 water filter