6 Months Contract RO Water Plan399 50 Bottles / 19 Liters Order Form


Plan399 50 Bottles RO Water 19 Liters
Warranty Free Warranty Contract is Life
Water Dispenser 1 unit Bottle Top Floor Standing Hot Cold Water Dispenser for used (Deposit Charge)(Second Hand unit)
Power Consumption Hot 500W / Cold 85W
Water Tank Capacity Hot 1.5L / Cold 1.5L / Suitable 2-5 Peoples
Product Weight (KG) 6 Kg
Packing Size (CM) (L) 35 x (W) 36 x (H/D) 98



【PLAN399】6 Months Contract RO Water Plan 50 Bottles / 19 Liters + 1 unit Bottle Top Floor Standing Hot Cold Water Dispenser for Used (Second Hand Unit)

Available For Kuala Lumpur & Selangor is Selected area (Coverage Area)

Contract Knowledge:

~ FREE Shipping

~ FREE Repair and Warranty Services contract is life

~ 1 unit water dispenser for 1 package. (Free used Bottle Top Floor Standing Hot Cold Water Dispenser (second hand unit), water dispenser model maybe not same with the photo on top, water dispenser is can’t choose of subscriber)

1st delivery is 10 bottled & water dispenser. (Each delivery is 10 bottled, this is minimum request)

~ 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th delivery refills requesting, please make sure your requesting 10 bottled refills and return 9 empty bottled, until refills finished or contract expired.

~ RM20 charge per empty bottle if losed


Term and Condition to Apply & Charge:

~ Deposit will be charge RM200 (Refundable) for water dispenser & bottled. The deposit would be forfeited, if this contract expired exceed of 3 months. (Example. 6 month contract + 3 months exceed)

~ Plan399 RO water package contract period 6 months.

~ 50 bottled ro water finished or contract expired, pay again 50 bottles for renewal contract.

~ Renewal contract start date is following delivery date.

~ Exceed of 6 months to be left on ro water refill will disappeared. (Example. 6 months used 30 bottled, left of 20 bottled will be disappeared, this is can’t forward.

~ For Ground floor, 1st floor without lift or with lift, Plan399 package is charges RM399 (RM7.98 per bottle / 50 bottles).

~ For 2nd floor, 3rd floor, 4th floor without lift, Plan399 package is charges RM599 (RM11.98 per bottle / 50 bottles).

~ Loading Parking fee is pay by buyer.



1) I stay in 1st floor without lift, package charge RM399 + add deposit RM200 (refundable) = RM599

2) I stay in 15th floor with lift, package charge RM399 + add deposit RM200 (refundable) = RM599

3) I stay in 3rd floor without lift, package charge RM599 + add deposit RM200 (refundable) = RM799

Account Life Cycle Chart:

Plan399 Account Life Cycle chart

FAQs :

1) How do I activate Plan399 Bottled RO Water account for the first time?
Filling the form and waiting reply.

2) How much will it cost account suspended to water refills top up?
Please click here for more info.

3) What is bottled refills top up careline numbers and its operating hours?
Careline number is 03-9100 4067 and its operation hours is from 10am – 5.30pm daily.

4) How many times water refills delivery services of Plan399 RO Water Plan?
10 bottled each delivery, 5 times delivery services in account activate.

5) Is there a monthly delivery for using Plan399 RO Water Plan?
No, there is no monthly delivery for using Plan399 RO Water Plan. Anytime you can request water refills top up in account activate, make sure you have request 10 bottled refills and refund 10 pcs empty bottled.

6) What happens to my account when it suspended?
If your account suspended and within 6 months validity,
i) water dispenser warranty suspended.
ii) water refills forfeited.
iii) you can still request water refills here (Additional Charge).

7) When does my Plan399 Ro Water Plan expire? What is the account life cycle?
The expiry details are shown in the following Account Life Cycle chart:Plan399 Account Life Cycle chart
i. Active period upon first delivery.
ii. Your account will be suspended for THREE months after your Plan399 Ro Water Plan account inactivate. You will receive SMS reminder.
iii. You will receive another SMS reminder SEVEN (7) days prior to account termination. If you fail to reload during this suspended period, your account will be terminated and deposit forfeited.

8) How do I reload my Plan399 Ro Water Plan?
Please click here for more info.

9) Can I transfer water refills to a next renewal contract activate?
No, ro water refills is only for 6 months account activate.

10) How long do I have to request water delivery services?
You have to be request before 3 days working day.

11) What is the water delivery coverage area for Plan399 Ro Water Plan?
Please click here for more info.




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