Rental Water Dispenser & Bottled RO Water Short Term Plan Charges & Order Form


RO Water Short Term for Events, Party, Exhibition
RO Water Bottles 19 liters RM10.00 /bottled
Water Dispenser RM120 for 3 days

(Free 100 pcs 6oz Paper Cup)

Rent Minimum 3 days or more
Water Tank Capacity Hot 1.5L / Cold 1.5L 
Product Weight (KG) 6 Kg
Packing Size (CM) (L) 35″ x (W) 36″ x (H/D) 98″



【Rental Water Dispenser & RO Water Short Term】RO Water Short Term Plan, RO water 19 liters RM10.00 per bottled, Water Dispenser RM120.00 @ 3 days for rent (Free 100pcs 6oz Paper Cup).

Available For Kuala Lumpur & Selangor is Selected area. (Coverage Area)

Term and Condition to Apply & Charge:

~ 1 unit Water Dispenser & 10 pcs empty bottled will be charge deposit RM200 per set (Refundable).

~ More than 10 bottled ro water, empty bottled will be charge deposit RM20 per pc (Refundable).

~ RM80 per trip delivery charge include labour charge, 2 trips bottle delivery & bottle collect is RM160 (You can request 1 trip or 2 trips)

~ Additional charge out of coverage.

~ Short Term RO Water Plan minimum 3 days or more.

~ RO Water refills 19 liters is charge RM10.00 per bottled.

~ Rent Water dispenser is charge RM120.00 for 3 days per unit, minimum 3 days or more. (Free 100pcs Paper Cup)

~ RM20 per pc empty bottle will charge if bottle losed.

~ Left of bottled water or paper cup no use CAN NOT exchange or refunded.

1 unit water dispenser for rental (Free 100pcs Paper Cup)

2 units water dispenser for rental (Free 200pcs Paper Cup)

~ 3 units water dispenser for rental (Free 300pcs Paper Cup)

4 units water dispenser for rental (Free 400pcs Paper Cup)

5 units water dispenser for rental (Free 500pcs Paper Cup)

~ 10 units water dispenser for rental (Free 1,000pcs Paper Cup)

~ 20 units water dispenser for rental (Free 2,000pcs Paper Cup)

Example 1:

* 1 unit water dispenser for rent. 3 days = RM120.00 

(100 pcs 6oz Paper Cup for free)

* 1 unit water dispenser deposit will be charges RM200.00 (refundable)

* 10 bottled RO water 19 liters. RM10.00 x 10 bottles = RM100.00

* 2 trips bottles delivery & bottles collect charge is RM160.00

Total amount RM580.00

Return 1 unit water dispenser & all bottles, RM200 deposit will refund to you. 

3 days events, 1 unit water dispenser & 10 bottles RO water 19 liters only pay RM380.00

Note : RM20 per bottled will charge if bottled losed

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