Filter Case 127 : Complete Guide to Replacing and Cleaning the Filter of Tong Yang WPU-6520F Water Dispenser

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Today we will provide a detailed guide on replacing the filter of the Tong Yang WPU-6520F water dispenser, a Korean brand. This water dispenser has four filters, and we will replace them one by one to ensure the best filtration and operational efficiency of the water dispenser.

First, we need to prepare the necessary tools and materials for the replacement, including a large bucket of clean water, a clean cloth or paper towels, etc. Then, turn off the water source switch of the water dispenser to ensure safe handling.

The first step is to replace the filters. Following the user manual, remove the old filters. When removing the filters, be careful to avoid splashing water and soiling the surrounding area. After removing the old filters.

今天我们将详细介绍韩国品牌 Tong Yang 的 WPU-6520F 饮水机滤芯更换过程。这款饮水机拥有四支滤芯,我们将逐一进行更换,确保饮水机的过滤效果和使用效果达到最佳状态。



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Next, we need to clean the components of the water dispenser. Use clean water and a clean cloth or paper towels to carefully wipe the inside and outside of the water dispenser’s components, including the inlet pipe, outlet, etc. This can effectively remove accumulated dirt and bacteria, maintaining the hygiene of the water dispenser.

In addition to replacing the filters and cleaning the components, it’s also necessary to clean the water storage tank of the water dispenser. Open the cover of the water storage tank, drain the water inside, and then thoroughly rinse the tank with clean water to ensure there are no residues. This step is crucial to prevent tank contamination that may affect water quality.

After completing the above steps, we can proceed to install the new filters. Install the new filters in their respective positions as per the instructions, ensuring they are firmly in place and properly sealed. Rinse the activated carbon water of the filters to ensure the carbon is washed clean. Once installed, turn on the water source switch and check for any leaks from the water dispenser.

Finally, perform a flushing test by letting the water dispenser continuously dispense water for a period to ensure normal water quality without any odors.

By performing these maintenance steps, you can prolong the lifespan of your water dispenser, ensuring water quality and safety. Thank you for your attention.






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