Filter Case 128 : 4040 Uf Membrane Outdoor Filtration System Maintenance Guide

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Firstly, we need to release the upper clip so that we can operate conveniently. Using water pressure can help us flush out the top connecting pipe. This step is crucial because the top connecting pipe may have adhered impurities that need to be cleaned thoroughly before further operation.

Next, we can remove the cleaning pipe section. This process may require some effort as the old filter may contain a lot of dirt and needs to be carefully extracted. Additionally, there may be contaminants inside the stainless steel body, which we need to flush with water to ensure it is clean and free of foreign objects.

After preparing the new filter, we can insert it into the stainless steel body. Ensure that the filter is positioned correctly to ensure optimal filtering performance.




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Furthermore, the battery of the automatic cleaning valve also needs to be replaced because an aged battery can cause the automatic cleaning function to fail. If the battery shows signs of rust, it needs to be cleaned, and a new battery should be installed. If the battery cover is lost, we also need to find a suitable part to fill the hole to prevent water from seeping into the battery and affecting the normal operation of the automatic cleaning valve.

After completing these steps, we can test the effectiveness of the new filter and ensure that the automatic cleaning function is restored to normal. This way, the outdoor filter completes the filter replacement and maintenance work.



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