Install Case 99 : Installation Guide for GX-1910TB Water Dispenser

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Today we will share the installation and activated carbon filter flushing steps for the Korean technology product GX-1910TB water dispenser. This water dispenser comes with 4 filters and is one of the representatives of high technology, ensuring the purity and health of your drinking water.

1. Preparation Before starting the installation, make sure you have prepared the following tools and materials:

  • GX-1910TB water dispenser
  • Pipe connectors

2. Install Pipes Connect the pipe connectors to the water dispenser according to the instructions provided with the water dispenser. Ensure a secure connection without any leaks.

3. Activated Carbon Filter Flushing Steps

  • Step 1: Turn off the power of the water dispenser and unplug the power cord.
  • Step 2: Prepare the activated carbon filter flushing tool, usually a water hose that can be connected to a faucet.
  • Step 3: Connect the flushing tool to the faucet and turn on the cold water switch to let water flow through the flushing tool.
  • Step 4: Turn on the water supply switch and start flushing the activated carbon filter. It is usually recommended to flush for 1-2 minutes.
  • Step 5: Turn off the faucet, disconnect the flushing hose, and then reconnect the power to the water dispenser.

After completing these steps, your GX-1910TB water dispenser is installed, and the activated carbon filter has been flushed. Now you can enjoy fresh and healthy drinking water! Remember to regularly check the lifespan of the filters and replace them to ensure the long-term normal operation and water safety of the water dispenser.

今天我们将分享关于韩国科技产品 GX-1910TB 饮水机的安装及滤芯冲洗步骤。这款饮水机具备4支滤芯,是高科技的代表之一,可以保障您饮用水的纯净和健康。

1. 准备工作 在开始安装之前,确保您已经准备好以下工具和材料:

  • GX-1910TB 饮水机
  • 管道连接件

2. 安装管道 将管道连接件依照饮水机说明书的指引连接到饮水机上。确保连接牢固并无漏水现象。

3. 活性炭滤芯冲洗步骤

  • 第一步:关闭饮水机电源,并拔掉电源线。
  • 第二步:活性炭滤芯冲洗工具,通常是一条水管,可以连接到水龙头。
  • 第三步:将冲洗工具连接到水龙头上,并打开冷水开关,让水从冲洗中流出。
  • 第四步:打开水源开关,开始冲洗活性炭滤芯。通常建议冲洗时间为1-2分钟。
  • 第五步:关闭水龙头,拔掉冲洗管,然后重新连接饮水机的电源。

完成以上步骤后,您的 GX-1910TB 饮水机就安装完毕并完成了活性炭滤芯的冲洗。现在,您可以享用清新健康的饮用水了!记得定期检查滤芯的使用寿命并进行更换,以保证饮水机的长期正常运行和水质安全。

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