Plan50 @ 2 Years Rental Table Top Hot Cold Water Dispenser Details

Plan50 Rental for Evians Spring Table Top Hot Cold Water Dispenser 3 Stages Pipe in System (White) (Second Hand Unit)

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Warranty Free 2 Years Services & Warranty 
Color White
Power Consumption Hot 550W / Cold 84W
Water Tank Capacity Hot 1.4L / Cold 2.5L  / Suitable 8-15 Peoples
Product Weight (KG) 19 Kg
Product’s Size (CM) (L) 40 x (W) 45 x (H/D) 55

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Magic WPU8215 Ho 602c8859be26d  Hot water safety funtion (Child Lock)
water purifier 03  Stainless tub to prevent bacteria breeding
water purifier 04  Prevent overheating by thermostat protector

【PLAN50】2 Years Rental Table Top Korea Branded Hot Cold Water Dispenser 4 Stages Pipe in System

2 Years Rental Contract @ 12 Months Rental Charge

Available For Kuala Lumpur & Selangor is selected area. (Coverage Area)

~ FREE Installation (once).

~ FREE Repair and Services 2 Years Warranty.

~ FREE 3pcs filter replace every 6 months.

Term and Condition to Apply & Charge by Cash, Internet Banking

~ Minimum 2 Years Contract Rental.

~ 12 months rental payment charge until 2 years rental contract. (RM50 x 12 mths = RM600 12 Months Rental Charge)

~ Deposit will be charge RM500 for first payment. (refundable after 2 years rental contract finished, when you return water dispenser)

~ The contract deposit, shall be refund to subscriber after 2 years, deposit would be forfeited, if this Contract is canceled/terminated by subscriber between 2 years.


Example: Yearly Rental Charge

1st Yearly payment RM600 + deposit RM500 = RM1100

2nd Yearly payment @ 12 months RM600

24th months contract finished. Water dispenser refunded to seller. Deposit refundable RM500 to subscriber.

Description of Installation: 

1. All the water dispenser should be installed near by the water pipe. 

2. An adaptor will join at the pipe to be connecting the water to water dispenser by RO soft hose.

3. This installation will supply 15 feet’s RO hose to connect the water direct from the adapter into the water dispenser.

4. When technician checks the places and piping systems, maybe will suggest drilling when needs.

5. If customer request move the water dispenser, workmanship will be charged. 

The workmanship depends on the distance and location.

Schedule For Changing of Filter & Function:


Sediment Filter (Made in Korea)

Replacement Filter Service Life: 

6/12/18/24/30/36/42/48/54/60th months 

water purifier 06

Removes large particles, I. e. dirt, dust scale, silt and unseen suspended matter.


Pre Carbon Filter (Made in Korea)

Replacement Filter Service Life: 

6/12/18/24/30/36/42/48/54/60th months 

water purifier 07

This is identification according to international standard. It can slight trace of heavy metals, radiation material, chemical and chemical residues from agricultural, and then water molecules would be more softener.


Post Carbon Filter (Made in Korea)

Replacement Filter Service Life:

6/18/30/42/54th months

water purifier 09

While removing chlorine and organic materials from water, the culture active carbon in these filter stand up the absorption common in this kind of filter, and it provides final filtration and produces almost 100% pure water.


Carbon Block Filter (Made in Korea)

Replacement Filter Service Life:

12/24/36/48/60th months 

water purifier 10

Adjust water to optimum mild alkaline level. Increase calcium ions, magnetizer & ionize the water and increase its oxygen contents. NSF

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