Filter Case 100 : Process of Replacing Sand and Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges in Perfect Steel Stainless Steel Outdoor Filters

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Perfect Steel Stainless steel outdoor filters are essential equipment for ensuring the safety and health of our drinking water sources. To maintain the efficient operation of the filter, regular replacement of sand and activated carbon filter cartridges is crucial. This article will introduce the simple steps involved in replacing the sand and activated carbon filter cartridges in stainless steel outdoor filters, ensuring that you can correctly perform the cartridge replacement.

Step 1: Disassembling the Control Head
First, make sure to turn off the water supply. Then, gently unscrew the control head of the filter. This may require the use of a suitable tool to ensure a secure disassembly. Once the control head is removed, you will have access to the filter cartridge housing.



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Step 2: Emptying the Old Sand and Activated Carbon
Invert the filter cartridge housing and connect a water hose to direct water into the housing, allowing the old sand and activated carbon impurities to be flushed out. Dispose of the waste filter media in an appropriate waste container, ensuring proper disposal of these materials.


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Step 3: Reloading with New Sand and Activated Carbon
Now, prepare the new sand and activated carbon filter cartridges. Reinstall the filter cartridge housing in the correct position, then pour the new sand into the housing. Make sure to use an appropriate amount of sand to ensure the proper functioning of the filter. Next, evenly pour the activated carbon into the housing, covering the sand.


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Step 4: Testing the Filter
After reloading the sand and activated carbon filter cartridges, reinstall the control head. Ensure that the control head is tightened in the correct direction to avoid any leaks. Once completed, turn on the water supply, allowing water to flow through the filter. Observe for any abnormal leaks or other issues, and ensure that the water flow is clear and smooth. This will ensure that the replaced filter cartridges are correctly installed and functioning effectively.

By following the above steps to replace the sand and activated carbon filter cartridges in stainless steel outdoor filters, you can ensure the performance and filtration effectiveness of the filter. Regularly replacing the cartridges is key to maintaining the efficient operation of the filter. Remember, proper maintenance and cartridge replacement not only provide cleaner drinking water sources but also extend the lifespan of the filter.