Install Case 87 : Installing Four Filters Water Filtration System Beneath the Kitchen Cabinet in the Pantry

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Today, we installed four efficient filters system beneath the kitchen cabinet in the pantry for our customer. These filters include PP fiber, GAC activated carbon, CTO activated carbon block, and ultrafiltration membrane filter. They provide fresh and healthy drinking water. This article will introduce the functions and advantages of these four filters, enabling you to make an informed decision about purifying your drinking water.

Paragraph 1: The PP fiber filter is a common pre-filter that effectively removes suspended particles, sediments, and large impurities from the water, thus prolonging the lifespan of subsequent filters. By passing the water through the PP fiber filter, the content of particulate matter in the drinking water is reduced, resulting in clearer and more transparent water.

Paragraph 2: The GAC activated carbon filter possesses strong adsorption capabilities, effectively removing chlorine, odors, and organic compounds from the water. This filter not only improves the taste of the water but also provides purer drinking water, ensuring you enjoy a refreshing and healthy drinking experience.

Paragraph 3: The CTO activated carbon block filter further enhances water purification. It utilizes compressed activated carbon blocks with a larger adsorption surface area, effectively removing heavy metals, organic pollutants, and odors from the water. Installing this filter ensures your drinking water is safer and more reliable.

Paragraph 4: The ultrafiltration membrane filter is a physical filter that efficiently removes bacteria, viruses, and tiny particles from the water. It employs a microfiltration membrane technology with high filtering precision, retaining beneficial minerals in the water and providing a refreshing taste while ensuring water safety.

By installing these four stages filters system, your pantry will benefit from multiple layers of filtration, guaranteeing the quality and taste of your drinking water. These filters have long lifespans and are easy to replace, making maintenance and upkeep convenient. Every sip of water will be filled with health and freshness.






通过安装这四层过滤器,您的茶水间将享有多重过滤的保护,确保饮用水的质量和口感。这些过滤器滤芯具有长寿命和易更换的特点,方便维护和保养。让您每一口水都充满健康和清新。IMG 5210IMG 5212IMG 5213