Installation Case 32 : Plan30 Rental Yamada 389-18 Table Top Hot Warm Water Dispenser

Today prepared to install rental contract Plan30 Yamada NWD-389-18 Table Top Hot Warm Water Dispenser with 4 Elements Water Filtration Direct Piping System.20151015_165516_water_filter20151015_172220_water_filter

4 elements Alkaline water filtration system, 2 pcs filter for free replacing every 6 months.20151015_165542_water_filter20151015_172227_water_filter

Large warm water storage tank with automatically water filling control.20151015_171241_water_filter20151015_171253_water_filter

Yamada NWD-389-18 Hot and warm function.20151015_172206_water_filter20151015_172501_water_filter

Hot water tap with safety lock protection.20151015_172210_water_filter

Installation done.20151015_172200_water_filter