Installation Case 38 : Winix W-3TD Korea Branded Table Top Hot Cold Water Dispenser Pipe in System

Free installation for Klang Valley and free extra 2 pcs of replacement filter cartridges for this Korea branded Winix W-3TD Table Top Hot Cold Water Dispenser 4 filtration Pipe in System.20151112_124327_water_filter

Korea branded Winix W-3TD is promotion now.20151112_130921_water_filter

4 elements filtration to get pure alkaline water supply.20151112_130252_water_filter20151112_125937_water_filter

This is T joint for inlet water supply to water dispenser.20151112_130717_water_filter

Tubing clippers is sticking on the wall.20151112_130723_water_filter

This step is water flashed. Flushing the first coming water going to the water bag, this is because why the new machine must flushing before use.20151112_125943_water_filter

Filling the pure alkaline water to the storage tank, and Winix W-3TD is double float ball water control design to protect leaking problem.20151112_130309_water_filter