Installation Case 41 : Plan40 Yamada IL688-21 Floor Standing Hot Warm Cold Water Dispenser Pipe in System

Today install Plan40 Hot Warm Cold Water Dispenser for KL Megan Avanue 2 office suite. Actually this office is Education Center, and needs we’re automatically services.

Plan40 Yamada IL-688-21 Rental Contract Water Dispenser with HOT, WARM & COLD water available.20151125_124136_water_filter20151125_124140_water_filter

Automatically water filling control system.20151125_123740_water_filter

Stainless steel warm water storage tank.20151125_122725_water_filter

4 elements filtration to get pure alkaline water. And 2 pcs filters replace for free every 6 months.20151125_123734_water_filter20151125_123840_water_filter20151125_123848_water_filter