Installation Case 48 : Freshpure Bio Energy Water Purifier System

Hi, Today i will introduce to you this water purification system,brand name is Freshpure with 5 stages filtration.

This model is FP-100 Freshpure 5 stages water purifier system.20160203_114025_water_filter

4 pcs filters cartridge built-in the box.20160203_112905_water_filter_mh145593476147820160203_111818_water_filter

1 pc external Pre-filter is ceramic candle filter.20160203_111727_water_filter20160203_112934_water_filter_mh1455934711310

This water purifier with certification.20160203_111810_water_filter20160203_111733_water_filter

Instruction book how to install.20160203_111905_water_filter

This picture is completed installation.20160203_113934_water_filter