Installation Case 64 : Taiwan Product YAMADA WD-NWD 346 Hot Normal Cold Water Cooler System

Today preparing to install 3 units of brand Yamada WD-NWD-346 hot normal cold water cooler system for kolej Bangi.

41 x 42 x 126CM (L.W.H). hot tank 6 liters, cold tank 4 liters and spare water tank 20 liters.

Installed inlet water valve water supply for water cooler.

Filtration system is bottom of water cooler system.

This pvc piping is water drain out from main machine cover to pipe.

Make a hole for drain out.

Water drain out to toilet.

5 stages filtration system.

With wheels support.

Hot, normal and cold water supply.

Temperature displays automatically control.

Cooling panel controller.

Fuse box controller.

Full tank water cut off solenoid valve KSD 220V AC.

1st unit Yamada WD-NWD-346 water cooler.

2nd unit Yamada WD-NWD-346 water cooler.

3rd unit Yamada WD-NWD-346 water cooler.