Installation Case 76 : Full Steel Perfect Steel Master Filtron Water Filtration System

Today preparing to install this outdoor water filtration sysyem. This brand is Perfect Steel and using Filtron filter technology.

For now, i have to remove the old one.

Remove everything even the pvc pipings.

Preparing to connect pipings.

This is the back wash valve, you must doing back wash every week to keep the filtron filter clean. Recommend every 6 months to open it and cleaning the filtron filter, because back wash function is not 100% keep clean.

This is the lock, when you open it, you can take out filtron filter to clean or change.

Back wash instructions, this instructions showing you how to back wash or bypass water when the water pressure coming slow.

Connection parts including back wash valve, steel inlet connection and pressure meter.

Ok, we are using poly piping, this is better more than pvc pipings.

Pipings connect done.

Back wash valve also done.

Installation completed.