Install Case 92 : DGUF-60C Vertex Countertop Water Dispenser Water Purifier Korea Water Dispenser Machine

Today is a busy day, and our goal is to install the DGUF-60C water dispenser, which provides hot, cold, and room temperature water. This versatile dispenser is perfect for any home, Soho office, or public space. 今天是繁忙的一天,我们的目标是安装DGUF-60C型饮水机,该水机提供热水、冷水和常温水。这款多功能水机非常适合家庭、Soho办公室或公共场所使用。

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Let’s get started! The first step in setting up your water dispenser is installing the inlet valve. This crucial component connects your dispenser to the water source, ensuring a steady supply of clean, refreshing water.

Proper installation of the inlet valve is essential to the performance and longevity of your water dispenser. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and use the appropriate tools for the job.

Once you have successfully installed the inlet valve, you can move on to the next steps in setting up your water dispenser. Enjoy your new dispenser and the convenience of always having fresh water at your fingertips!




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Prepare to drill a hole and route the hose to the desktop to provide for the water dispenser. 准备钻孔并将水管引至桌面,为水机提供水源。IMG 3249

Organize the water dispenser hose line. 整理好水机的水管线路。IMG 3251IMG 3252

Installing a filter cartridge is an important step in setting up your water dispenser as it helps to remove impurities and improve the quality of your drinking water. The filter cartridge in this case includes four Korean filter elements that work together to provide comprehensive filtration: sediment, pre-carbon, alkaline, and post-carbon.

The sediment filter removes larger particles such as sand, rust, and dirt, while the pre-carbon filter helps to remove chlorine, odors, and other harmful chemicals. The alkaline filter then works to balance the pH level of the water and add essential minerals back into the water, promoting a healthier drinking experience. Finally, the post-carbon filter further removes any remaining impurities, ensuring that the water you drink is clean, fresh, and free from contaminants.



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To ensure optimal filtration performance, it is important to flush the filter cartridge before use to remove any excess carbon dust. 为确保最佳的过滤性能,使用前冲洗滤芯,以去除任何多余的碳粉尘。IMG 3256

To ensure a safe and worry-free drinking experience, the final step in installing a water dispenser is to install a leak-proof device to prevent any water from leaking. 为确保安全、无忧的饮水体验,安装防漏装置卡夹是安装水机的最后一步,以防止饮水机泄漏。IMG 3259IMG 3260IMG 3261

Installation is complete. Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy the benefits of your new water dispenser. 安装完成。感谢您的支持,希望您享受新水机带来的好处。IMG 3262IMG 3265IMG 3266 e1679577097436After installation, remember to dispose of any trash to maintain a clean and organized workspace. 安装后,请清理任何垃圾,保持一个清洁有序的工作环境。IMG 3263IMG 3267