New Model : Yamada YLRZ 500 The High Capacity Water Dispenser Solution

YLRZ500 1

As the pace of life continues to accelerate, maintaining good drinking habits becomes crucial. In response to this demand, we introduce the Yamada YLRZ 500 Floor Standing Hot and Cold Water Dispenser. It not only boasts an impressive large capacity but also comes equipped with four efficient filters, providing you with healthy and pure drinking water.

Technical Specifications:

  • Hot Tank Volume: 5.5 liters (providing 5 liters of hot water per hour)
  • Cold Tank Volume: 10 liters (providing 2 liters of cold water per hour)
  • Dimensions: 44x34x130 cm
  • Material: Hot and cold tanks made of stainless steel
  • Number of Filters: Four

Suitable Locations:

  1. Gym Ensuring adequate hydration is a vital concern for every fitness enthusiast. The Yamada YLRZ 500 Floor Standing Hot and Cold Water Dispenser, with its efficient performance and large capacity, provides a reliable water solution for gyms, allowing you to enjoy cool or warm water at any time.
  2. Schools and Universities In schools and universities, ensuring that students and staff have access to clean and safe drinking water is of paramount importance. The four-filter system of the Yamada YLRZ 500 guarantees that the provided water meets high standards, ensuring access to healthy drinking water.
  3. Staff Room The health and comfort of employees are among a company’s most important assets. With its large capacity and four-filter system, the Yamada YLRZ 500 provides convenient and healthy drinking water options for employees, creating a more pleasant working environment.

Advantages of the Four-Filter System: The Yamada YLRZ 500’s four-filter system employs advanced technology to effectively remove impurities, odors, and harmful substances from water, ensuring its purity and healthiness. This system’s design ensures that users can enjoy high-quality water at any time, safeguarding your health.


The Yamada YLRZ 500 Floor Standing Hot and Cold Water Dispenser, with its large capacity, advanced filter system, and high-quality materials, provides an ideal water solution for gyms, schools, universities, and staff rooms. Choosing the Yamada YLRZ 500 enhances your drinking experience, making it healthier and more convenient!

随着生活节奏的不断加快,保持良好的饮水习惯变得至关重要。在这一需求的背景下,我们引入了Yamada YLRZ 500站立式热冷饮水机,它不仅拥有令人瞩目的大容量,还配备了四支高效滤芯,为您提供健康纯净的饮水。



1. 健身房
保持体内水分充足是每位健身者必须关注的重要问题。Yamada YLRZ 500站立式热冷饮水机以其高效的性能和大容量,为健身房提供了稳定可靠的饮水解决方案,让您随时享受到清凉或温暖的水。

2. 学校和大学
在学校和大学,保证学生和教职员工获得清洁安全的饮用水至关重要。Yamada YLRZ 500的四重滤芯系统确保了提供的水质达到高标准,保障了健康饮水。

3. 员工休息室
员工的健康和舒适是企业最重要的资本之一。Yamada YLRZ 500通过其大容量和四重滤芯系统,为员工提供了便捷、健康的饮水选择,让工作环境更加宜人。

Yamada YLRZ 500的四重滤芯系统采用先进的技术,可以有效去除水中的杂质、异味和有害物质,保证了饮用水的纯净和健康。这一系统的设计保证了用户可以随时享受到高品质的水源,为您的健康保驾护航。

Yamada YLRZ 500站立式热冷饮水机以其大容量、先进的滤芯系统和高品质的制作材料,为健身房、学校、大学和员工休息室等场所提供了理想的饮水解决方案。选择Yamada YLRZ 500,让您的饮水体验更加健康、方便!