Repair Case 11 : Troubleshooting the NWD-700 Yamada Water Cooler: A Case Study

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NWD-700 Yamada Water Cooler is a popular choice for many offices and public spaces due to its sleek design and efficient cooling and heating features. However, like any mechanical equipment, it may encounter issues that require repair and maintenance.

Recently, we received a service request from a client who reported that their Yamada Water Cooler was not heating up the water, despite the hot water switch being turned on. Upon investigation, we found that the temperature controller was malfunctioning, resulting in the failure to heat the water. This is a common issue with this model, as the temperature controller is prone to wear and tear over time.

NWD-700 Yamada 饮水机以其优美的设计和高效的制冷与加热功能,在许多办公室和公共场所中备受欢迎。然而,与任何机械设备一样,它也可能出现需要维修和保养的问题。

最近,我们收到了一位客户的服务请求,他报告说他们的 Yamada 饮水机在热水开关打开的情况下,却无法加热水温。经过调查,我们发现温控器出现故障,导致无法加热水。这是该型号的常见问题之一,因为温控器随着时间的推移很容易磨损。

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To resolve this problem, we replaced the faulty temperature controller with a new one. We made sure to choose a high-quality and durable controller that can withstand frequent usage and temperature changes. Once the new temperature controller was installed, we tested the water temperature to ensure that it was heating up properly.

In addition to the temperature controller, we also discovered that the hot water switch device was damaged and required replacement. The hot water switch is responsible for turning on the heating element and maintaining the desired water temperature. Without it, the water cooler cannot function properly.



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After replacing both the temperature controller and the hot water switch, we conducted a thorough cleaning of the water cooler. Over time, mineral deposits and bacteria can build up in the water cooler, affecting its performance and water quality. We recommend using Kleen King white steel cleaner for a deep and effective cleaning. This cleaning solution is specifically designed for water coolers and can remove stubborn stains and residue.

In conclusion, the NWD-700 Yamada Water Cooler is a reliable and durable equipment, but it may encounter issues that require repair and maintenance. In this case, the malfunctioning temperature controller and damaged hot water switch were causing the hot water not to heat up properly. By replacing these parts and conducting a deep cleaning, we were able to resolve the problem and restore the water cooler to its optimal performance. Remember to schedule regular maintenance and cleaning to prolong the lifespan of your Yamada Water Cooler and ensure its hygienic operation.

在更换了温控器和热水开关之后,我们对饮水机进行了彻底的清洁。随着时间的推移,污垢和细菌可能在饮水机身中积累,影响其性能。我们建议使用 Kleen King 白钢清洗剂进行深度清洁。这种清洁剂专门设计用于饮水机,可以去除顽固的污渍和残留物。

总之,NWD-700 Yamada 饮水机是一台可靠且耐用的设备,但也可能会出现需要维修和保养的问题。在这种情况下,温控器故障和热水开关损坏导致热水无法正常加热。通过更换这些零部件和进行深度清洁,我们能够解决问题并将饮水机恢复到最佳性能状态。请记得定期维护和清洁,以延长您的 Yamada 饮水机的使用寿命并确保其卫生运作。

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