Repair Case 13 : High Water Pressure Causes Magic Link Filter to Break, Resulting in Water Dispenser Leaks

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Water dispensers are a convenient appliance found in many households and offices that provide an easy way to access clean and fresh water without the need for constant refills. However, if the filter fails to function correctly, it can result in serious issues such as leaks. This is precisely what can happen when the Magic Link filter breaks due to high water pressure.

Magic Link is a popular brand that produces filters suitable for various water dispenser models. While these filters are typically reliable and effectively remove impurities such as chlorine, sediment, and heavy metals, they may malfunction over time. One of the most common problems is the filter breaking or cracking, which can result in leaks.

The Magic Link filter consists of multiple layers of materials, including activated carbon and membrane filters, which work together to remove pollutants from the water. However, if the filter is damaged, water can bypass the filter and flow through the crack or break, causing leaks.

Water leakage from the dispenser can cause significant damage to floors, carpets, and other nearby furniture. It can also lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which can be harmful to health. Therefore, it is essential to address water dispenser leaks promptly.

If you notice a leak in your Magic Link water dispenser, the first step is to turn off the device and unplug it. Then, carefully remove the filter and check for any cracks or damages. If any issues are found, replace the filter immediately.

In summary, the Magic Link filter is a useful component of water dispensers. However, it can malfunction over time, such as breaking or cracking due to high water pressure, resulting in leaks. Regularly inspecting and replacing water filters can help prevent these issues and keep your water dispenser functioning correctly.

饮水机是许多家庭和办公室必备的电器。它们提供了一种方便的方式来获取干净、新鲜的水,而不需要经常添加水。然而,如果滤芯无法正常工作,就会导致严重的问题,例如漏水。这正是水压过大时可能会发生的情况,导致 Magic Link 滤芯破裂。

Magic Link 是一种流行品牌,生产适用于各种型号饮水机的滤芯。虽然这些滤芯通常可靠并且有效地去除水中的杂质,例如氯、沉积物和重金属,但它们可能会随着时间的推移出现故障。其中最常见的问题之一是滤芯破裂或开裂,这可能导致漏水。

Magic Link 滤芯由多层材料组成,包括活性炭和膜过滤器。这些层一起工作,从水中去除污染物。然而,如果水压过大,滤芯就可能受到过度压力而破裂,导致漏水。


如果您注意到 Magic Link 饮水机泄漏,第一步是关闭装置并将其从电源中拔下。然后,小心地取出滤芯并检查是否有任何裂缝或损坏。如果发现任何问题,请立即更换滤芯。

总之,Magic Link 滤芯是饮水机的有用组成部分。然而,水压过大可能导致滤芯破裂,这可能导致漏水。定期检查和更换水滤芯可以帮助预防这些问题,并使您的饮水机正常工作。

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