Replace Filters Case 15 : Filters & RO Iron Pressure Water Storage Tank Replace

Few days ago, i received a call from customer, he is used RO undersink system. He has a problem of this Undersink ro system water coming a litter bit. After i checked is this Ro pressure tank damaged.

So, taday is preparing for this Ro water storage tank change and filters cartridge replace.20150814_131048_water_filter

Prepard to install new Ro Water Storage Tank.20150814_131115_water_filter

This is Pen for pressure checking.20150814_131522_water_filter

Ro pressure tank maximum is 100 PSI.20150814_131539_water_filter

This is damaged storage tank.20150814_132207_water_filter

Preparing replace 3 filters cartridge.Olsmopure_water_filter

Discarded the old filters.20150814_131527_water_filterEverything is done.20150814_132201_water_filter20150814_131750_water_filter