Replace Filters Case 18 : 2 Sets Olsmopure Brand Filters for RO System

Today prepared to replace 2 sets ro system filters cartridge.

1st client used E-Chen Undersink Ro System.20150917_165215_water_filter5 pcs filters cartridge is  (1st)01 micron Ecotech fiber filter, (2nd)Olsmopure Gac Filter, (3rd)Olsmopure Cto filter, (4th)Olsmopure Membrane, (5th)Olsmopure Small Gac filter.2015-09-17 17.58.05_water_filter

Extra pre-filtration fiber housing.20150917_165220_water_filterDischarge the older filters cartridge, replacement service done.20150917_164652_water_filter20150917_164618_water_filter

2nd clients used Kemflo brand Undersink Ro System.20150917_172717_water_filter

Kemflo brand ro system with control panel.20150917_172844_water_filter

Booster pump is Kemflo brand.20150917_172852_water_filter

Prepared to replace all filters cartridge.2015-09-17 17.57.21_water_filter

This client also have pre-filtration fiber housing.20150917_172903_water_filter

Discharge the older filters cartridge.2015-09-17 17.59.20_water_filter20150917_172058_water_filter2015-09-17 17.58.52_water_filter