Replace Filters Case 23 : Rocket Stainless Steel Back Wash Filtration System Filter Media Replace

Today prepared to replace Sand Media filter for this Rocket whole house filtration system.20151008_123243_water_filter

First step, open the screw on top cover.20151008_122252_water_filter

You can seen inside the Rocket filtration system. This is more than 4 years didn’t change the media filters.20151008_114642_water_filter20151008_114635_water_filter

Cut the inlet piping and outlet piping to remove it.20151008_115456_water_filter20151008_115434_water_filter

Put down the Rocket system and take out the older media filters.20151008_114825_water_filter20151008_114846_water_filter20151008_114942_water_filter

Cleaning everything and prepared to filling the new media sand filter.20151008_115446_water_filter20151008_115845_water_filter

Anthracite media filter.20151008_121452_water_filter

Replacement services done.20151008_123243_water_filter