Replace Filters Case 48 : Maxtec Ultraviolet Lamp Bulb Replace

Today preparing to install this add on filter, Maxtec Ultraviolet Lamp for germ killer.
IMG 20170324 153043 water filter

Maxtec UV Lamp is made in Taiwan.
IMG 20170324 153032 water filter

In the box with ac to dc adapter, clip & fittings.
IMG 20170324 153020 water filter

Plastic UV lamp casing.
IMG 20170324 152837 water filter

Install for this triple water purifier system.
IMG 20170324 150937 water filter

The older uv buld is not function.
IMG 20170324 151352 water filter

You can see the bulb almost black color on top.
IMG 20170324 152816 water filter

Change the new one uv bulb.
IMG 20170324 152741 water filterIMG 20170324 152758 water filter

Replace done.
IMG 20170324 150943 water filter

On the power supply.
IMG 20170324 151904 water filter

Thanks for keep watching.
IMG 20170324 152523 water filter