Replace Filters Case 64 : Microtwin USA Carbon Block Double Steel Water Purifier System

Today prepare to replace Microtwin Solid Carbon Block and 8″Doulton Ceramic Candle for this double stages stainless steel water purifier system.
IMG 20180227 170813 water filterThis is the old Microtwin Solid USA Carbon Block filter.
IMG 20180227 164706 water filter

Microtwin Solid Carbon Block Sub-Micron 0.1 micron.microtwin cto 1

Safer, more refreshing and delicious water, 100% import from USA.microtwin cto 3

Size (D)11.3cm x (L)20.3cm x (Thread)1.7cmmicrotwin cto 4

Bottom of Microtwin Solid Carbon Block Filter.microtwin cto 5

Put in the ceramic filter.
IMG 20180227 164703 water filter

Replacement services done.
IMG 20180227 165711 water filter