Filter Case 86 : Outdoor Water Filter Cartridge replacement Sand & Carbon Stainless Steel Water Filter System 户外滤水器滤芯更换不锈钢滤水器砂和炭过滤器滤芯替换步骤

Today’s goal is to replace the outdoor stainless steel sand & carbon filter of an outdoor water filter. 今天的目标是更换户外滤水器的不锈钢砂炭滤芯。IMG 4079

To begin, loosen the manual multi-control valve (MCV) backwash head. Then, remove the center stick. 首先,需要帮助松开手动多控制阀(MCV)反洗头。同时,拿出中间的支撑棍。IMG 4080IMG 4081

Place the stainless steel filter system horizontally and pour out the sand and carbon. Make sure the sand and carbon are completely removed. 把不锈钢滤芯系统平放,倒出砂和炭。确保砂和炭已经完全取出。IMG 4082IMG 4084Pack the old sand and carbon filter cartridge for proper disposal. 打包旧的砂炭滤芯,进行妥善处理。
IMG 4086

Clean the stainless steel body thoroughly and refill it with fresh sand and carbon for optimal filtration. 彻底清洗不锈钢外壳,并重新装入新的砂和炭以实现最佳过滤效果。IMG 4083

Test the outdoor water filter to ensure proper functionality, the replacement and installation process is now complete! 测试户外滤水器,以确保其正常运作,更换和安装过程已经完成。IMG 4087IMG 4088