Filter Case 105 : Step-by-Step Guide to Replacing the Filter Cartridge of a Stainless Steel Outdoor Filter

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In today’s work, I replaced the filter cartridge of a stainless steel outdoor filter for a customer. This filter is widely used in sand bucket filters. Below, I will provide a detailed explanation of the steps involved in replacing the filter cartridge and important considerations to ensure a smooth replacement process.

Step 1: Remove the cleaning head
Firstly, we need to remove the cleaning head from the filter. This can be done by unscrewing the locking nut of the cleaning head. Make sure to close the inlet valve before removing the cleaning head to prevent water impact.

Step 2: Flush the old sand and activated carbon
Lay the stainless steel body flat and connect a water hose to the inside of the body. Open the inlet valve and insert one end of the water hose into the body while ensuring that the other end is directed to a suitable drainage location. This will allow the water flow to flush out the old sand and activated carbon, thoroughly removing impurities from the body. It is recommended to use an appropriate water flow intensity to avoid unnecessary damage to the body and surrounding environment.




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Step 3: Prepare to install the new filter cartridge
Prepare the new filter cartridge. The sand filter media is divided into three types based on particle size: 2.4-4.8mm, 1.2-2.4mm, and 0.6-1.2mm. Additionally, 8x30mech is a commonly used activated carbon model. Select the appropriate sand and activated carbon for filling based on filtration requirements and manufacturer recommendations. During the filling process, you can refer to the filter’s user manual or the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Step 4: Check for leaks and clean the area
After installing the new filter cartridge, check for any leaks in the filter. Open the inlet valve and observe the connections and sealing performance of the filter to ensure no water leakage. If any leaks are detected, recheck the connections and ensure proper installation of sealing rings or gaskets.

Finally, clean the area. During the process of replacing the filter cartridge, there may be some dirty water that wets the ground. It is important to clean the work area thoroughly.

By following the above steps, you can successfully replace the filter cartridge of the stainless steel outdoor filter and ensure the proper functioning of the filter. When performing any maintenance and replacement operations, always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and operation manual to ensure proper and safe procedures are followed.





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