Repair Case 20 : Troubleshooting and Repairing Cooling Issue in Yamada 688-21 Water Dispenser

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In today’s maintenance task, we encountered an issue with a Yamada 688-21 water dispenser where the cooling function was not working. Through careful investigation and examination, we identified the source of the problem and successfully carried out the repairs. In this article, we will share our experience in the hopes of assisting those who encounter similar issues.

Firstly, upon receiving the repair request regarding the inability of the water dispenser to cool, we identified two potential main issues: a faulty pcb board and a malfunctioning cold water tank. Therefore, we decided to proceed with the following steps for troubleshooting.

Step one, we began by draining the water from the dispenser to ensure that there would be no water leakage during the operation.

Step two, we conducted a thorough inspection of the pcb board. We discovered electronic component failures on the water dispenser’s pcb board, which were responsible for the cooling function malfunction. Consequently, we decided to replace the entire pcb board.

Step three, we examined the cold water tank By opening the back cover of the water dispenser, we identified some issues. The cooling element of the cold water tank was not functioning properly, resulting in an inability to maintain cold water temperature. To address this problem, we needed to replace the cold water tank.

Finally, we took the necessary steps to replace the pcb board and cold water tank. We removed the damaged pcb board and replaced it with a brand new one. Subsequently, we replaced the cold water tank.

Following the aforementioned repair steps, we successfully resolved the cooling issue with the Yamada 688-21 water dispenser. It is now functioning properly and maintaining the desired cold water temperature.

To summarize, when encountering cooling problems with a water dispenser, the pcb board and cold water tank are two common sources of faults. Through careful investigation and examination, we were able to identify the issues and take appropriate measures for repair. If you are facing similar issues with your water dispenser, we hope this article proves helpful to you.

在今天的维修任务中,我们遇到了一台Yamada 688-21型饮水机,出现了制冷功能失效的问题。通过仔细排查和检查,我们发现了故障的源头,并成功进行了维修。在本文中,我们将分享我们的经验,希望对遇到相似问题的人们有所帮助。






经过以上的维修步骤,我们成功地修复了Yamada 688-21型饮水机的制冷问题。现在,它能够正常运行,并保持水的冷却状态。


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