Filter Case 110 : Enhance Your Hydration Experience with Magic Hot and Cold Water Dispenser Filter Replacement and Cleaning Service

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In today’s world, awareness of health is constantly on the rise, and the demands for the quality and safety of drinking water are becoming increasingly stringent. As pioneers in caring for user health, we bring you a vital service: the replacement of filters and cleaning for two units of Magic cold and hot water dispensers. This article will delve into this essential service, presenting you with a refreshing and healthy drinking water experience.

Service for Magic Cold and Hot Water Dispenser Filter Replacement and Cleaning

1. Providing Healthy and Safe Drinking Water: Water quality is the cornerstone of good health. The filters in the Magic cold and hot water dispensers play a crucial role in removing impurities, odors, and bacteria. Regularly replacing the filters ensures that the water you and your family consume is clean and pure.

2. Extending Appliance Lifespan: Filters not only safeguard water quality but also prevent substances like limescale from corroding the internal components of the water dispenser. Regularly changing the filters and cleaning the water dispenser contributes to extending the appliance’s lifespan and saving on maintenance costs.

3. Enhancing Drinking Experience: Magic cold and hot water dispensers that undergo filter replacement and cleaning maintain a high-performance level. This ensures smooth water flow and an optimal temperature, providing you with a comfortable drinking experience.


1. 提供健康安全的饮用水: 水质是健康的基石,Magic冷热饮水机的滤芯起到过滤杂质、异味和细菌的关键作用。定期更换滤芯,可以保证您和家人饮用的水源干净、纯净。

2. 延长设备寿命: 滤芯不仅可以保障饮水质量,还能防止水垢等物质对饮水机内部产生的腐蚀。定期更换滤芯和清洗饮水机,有助于延长设备的使用寿命,节约维修成本。

3. 提升饮水体验: 经过滤芯更换和清洗的Magic冷热饮水机能够保持较高的性能水平,确保水流畅、温度适宜,让您的饮水体验倍感舒适。

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Our Service Process

Filter Replacement: Our professional team will accurately replace the filters based on the model of your Magic water dispenser. The new filters will more effectively remove tiny particles and odors from the water, providing you with fresh and clean drinking water.

Water Dispenser Cleaning: We will conduct a comprehensive cleaning and disinfection of your Magic cold and hot water dispenser. Every detail, from the water tank to the water outlet, will receive meticulous care to ensure that uncontaminated water flows into your cup.

Professional Team Assurance

We possess an experienced professional team that is familiar with the internal structure and operational principles of various models of Magic cold and hot water dispensers. Whether it’s filter replacement or cleaning, we strictly adhere to operational procedures to ensure efficient and safe service.


Service for Magic cold and hot water dispenser filter replacement and cleaning is not only about maintaining the appliance but also about caring for the health of your family. By choosing our professional team, you can enjoy a refreshing and safe drinking water experience while also ensuring the sustainable use of your appliance. Let’s move forward together towards a healthier and more comfortable lifestyle!


滤芯更换: 我们的专业团队会根据Magic饮水机的型号,精准更换适配的滤芯。新的滤芯将能够更有效地过滤水中的微小颗粒和异味,为您提供清新的饮用水。

清洗饮水机: 我们将对Magic冷热饮水机进行全面的清洗和消毒。从水箱到出水口,每一个细节都将得到仔细的照顾,确保无污染的水源流向您的杯中。



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