Installation Case 21 : Extend 4 gallons Portable Square Water Tank With Stopper Ball

Today prepared install an Extended 4 Gallons Portable Polycarbonate Water Container with Stopper Ball. This tank will joining with the water dispenser.20150828_122041_water_filter

Needed jaco fitting 7044 union tee 1/4″Jaco_Fitting_704_4b710c6aa5a1b

And float ball.20150828_122001_water_filter

Pure and clean water fill in on top.20150828_121956_water_filter

Water tap faucet.20150828_123300_water_filter20150828_123305_water_filter

Installation done.20150828_122037_water_filterPortable Square Water Tank suitable filling water for 1.5 liters bottled. This clean water is normal temperature.1.5l1