Installation Case 22 : Plan40 Rental Yamada IL688-21 Floor Standing Hot Warm Cold Water Dispenser

Again prepared to install lasted model IL688-21 Rental Plan40 Floor Standing Hot Warm Cold Water Dispenser with 4 Elements Filtration Pipe in System.20150828_141810_water_filter

Installed inlet piping.20150828_143505_water_filter

Yamada IL688-21 with 4 elements filtration pipe in system.20150828_142324_water_filter

Floating ball water level control.20150828_143458_water_filter

Anti-Bacteria Stainless steel warm water storage tank.20150825_160437_water_filter

Hot warm cold water temperature available.20150828_143513_water_filter

Installation done.20150828_143527_water_filter