Installation Case 25 : FRP 09″x42″ Fiberglass Outdoor Whole House Filtration System Installed to the Shop lot

Today prepared to install a outdoor whole house filtration system for shop lot. This is 09″x42″ FRP Fiberglass Outdoor Whole House Backwash Filtration System.20150905_135952_water_filterBranded INSTARGUARD Made in Malaysia.20150905_142107_water_filter

Maximum Pressure 10 bar.20150905_142114_water_filter

Prepared to joined inlet and outlet water piping.20150905_140003_water_filter20150905_135958_water_filter20150905_142126_water_filter

Joined Back Wash valve.20150905_135940_water_filter20150905_142120_water_filter

Installation done. This FRP 0942 is install for shop lot.20150905_142156_water_filter