Installation Case 3 : Undersink Reverse Osmosis System for Restaurants Coffee Machine

Today install a ro system, water supply for coffees machine and faucet, ro water system can be proses 50 gallons per day. Take a look below pictures.

Connect inlet water join.20150707_171622_water_filter

Install Undersink  Reverse Osmosis System. 20150707_171400_water_filter

Connect Storage Tank. 20150707_171405_water_filter

This connector is for coffee machine. 20150707_171334_water_filter

Joined. 20150707_171346_water_filter

Continue join the faucet. 20150707_170722_water_filter

But the faucet mount is too short. So must extra faucet connected. 20150707_170712_water_filter20150707_170730_water_filter

Faucet completely install. 20150707_171320_water_filter20150707_171314_water_filter

Last step is make a hole for drained water.20150707_171617_water_filter