Installation Case 4 : Weguard Hyundai PTS-2001 Hot Cold Water Dispenser

Today installation for Korea Branded Weguard / Hyundai PTS -2001 Hot Cold Water Dispenser.PTS -2001 WEGUARD HYUNDAI WATER DISPENSER

Connect the water inlet first.20150708_120734_water_filter

PTS -2001 Weguard / Hyundai Hot Cold Water Dispenser with 4 elements filter.20150708_115641_water_filter

This filters is specially, used 8 inch filter cartridges. 20150708_115533_water_filter

Hot water also have safety lock function.20150708_121238_water_filter

Completed install. 20150708_120744_water_filter20150708_115700_water_filter