Repair Case 17 : Perfect FRP1044 an efficient whole-house outdoor filter, cannot be cleaned due to damage to the backwashing head

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In this article, we will introduce the characteristics of this filter and how to solve possible problems that may occur during its use.

Perfect FRP1044 is an efficient whole-house outdoor filter, whose main function is to filter impurities and harmful substances in water, providing a cleaner and healthier water environment. This filter uses sand filtration and can effectively remove sediment, suspended particles, etc. in water, while also reducing chlorine, odor, and strange smell in water.

However, during the use of the Perfect FRP1044 filter, some problems may also occur, such as damage to the backwashing head parts, resulting in the inability to clean the dirty water and sand that is being released. In this case, we can consider replacing new backwashing head parts and sand to solve this problem.


Perfect FRP1044是一款高效的全屋户外过滤器,其主要作用是过滤水中的杂质和有害物质,从而提供更干净、更健康的用水环境。这款过滤器采用沙石过滤,能够有效地去除水中的泥沙、悬浮颗粒等,同时还能够减少水中的氯气、臭味和异味。

然而,在使用Perfect FRP1044过滤器的过程中,也有可能出现一些问题,例如反洗头零件的损坏,导致不能清洗,放出来的水和沙石十分肮脏。这时候,我们可以考虑更换新的反洗头零件及沙石,以解决这个问题。

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We use hot fusion technology to connect pipes, which has been proven to be a reliable and long-lasting solution.

Hot fusion technology is a method of melting and connecting two pipes by heating them. This method can be used to connect pipes of the same material, such as plastic, polyethylene, and PVC. The technology uses specialized tools and equipment to create an integrated and tight connection at the joint, ensuring complete sealing and no water leakage. Since hot fusion connections do not require any glue or other adhesives, their connection strength is very high and can withstand high pressure and temperature, making them widely used in some special environments.

Compared with other methods of connecting pipes, hot fusion connections have many advantages. First, it is a fast and efficient connection method that does not require long waiting times for glue to dry, which can improve work efficiency. Secondly, hot fusion connections can avoid some common connection problems, such as water leakage and breakage. Finally, it can contribute to the environment because this method does not require the use of any glue or other adhesives, making the joint more environmentally friendly.




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Overall, Perfect FRP1044 is a very practical whole-house outdoor filter that can help us improve water quality and provide a healthier and more comfortable water environment. At the same time, during use, we should also maintain and replace some parts in a timely manner to ensure its normal use effect.

总的来说,Perfect FRP1044是一款非常实用的全屋户外过滤器,它可以帮助我们提高水质,提供更加健康、舒适的用水环境。同时,在使用过程中,我们也应该及时维护和更换一些零部件,以保证其正常的使用效果。