Repair Case 22 : Troubleshooting Factory Stainless Steel Water Cooler Restoring Cooling Function with Expert Solutions

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Factory-specific stainless steel water cooler are inevitably prone to encountering some malfunctions during daily use, such as the issue we repaired today: abnormal refrigeration. Through clever troubleshooting and handling, we successfully restored the refrigeration function of the water dispenser. This article will provide a detailed account of the entire repair process, guiding you through the specific steps taken to identify and resolve the problem.

Paragraph One: Initial Inspection and Problem Identification
We first opened the front cover of the water cooler and unexpectedly found that the cooling fan was missing. The cooling fan plays a crucial role in dissipating heat within the water dispenser, and its absence resulted in the loss of the refrigeration effect. Additionally, we noticed that the rear stainless steel panel was also out of place, further affecting the heat dissipation. Therefore, two key issues were identified: the missing cooling fan and stainless steel panel.



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Paragraph Two: Troubleshooting and Resolution
Facing the issues, we adopted targeted solutions. Firstly, we replaced the PTC starter and cooling fan to ensure the circuit’s normal operation. After testing, the current was measured at 1.5A, indicating that the replaced starter and fan were functioning properly.

面对故障,采取了有针对性的解决方案。首先,更换PTC启动器和散热风机,以确保电路正常运行。通过测试,发现电流为1.5A,表明更换后的启动器和风机工作正常。IMG 6283IMG 6286IMG 6287

Paragraph Three: Restoration of Refrigeration Function
To further ensure effective heat dissipation, we secured the cooling fan bracket in place after installing the new cooling fan. This step allowed the fan to operate normally, leading to a decrease in the water dispenser’s temperature and the successful restoration of its refrigeration function. A comprehensive inspection was conducted, confirming that the compressor was working perfectly.

Closing Paragraph: Summary and Recommendations
During the repair process, the absence of the cooling fan and stainless steel panel was identified as the main cause of the refrigeration malfunction. Through step-by-step troubleshooting and resolution, we successfully repaired the refrigeration problem of the factory-specific water cooler. To maintain the water cooler long-term stable operation, it is recommended to conduct regular inspections and maintenance, ensuring that all components are in a normal state.



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