Repair Case 23 : Reviving a Aqua Giant Stainless Steel Hot and Cold Water Dispenser After Thunderstorm Damage

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Recently, a stainless steel hot and cold water dispenser encountered an unexpected thunderstorm, which resulted in severe damage to the circuit board due to high currents, causing a power short circuit issue. In order to restore the normal operation of the water dispenser, we conducted a detailed inspection and repair, successfully replacing the damaged electrical components.

Trouble caused by the thunderstorm

Under the strong impact of the thunderstorm, the circuit board of the stainless steel hot and cold water dispenser suffered varying degrees of damage. After a preliminary examination, we identified that the power short circuit was the main reason for the water dispenser’s failure to operate.

Repair process

  1. Power disconnection and disassembly: To ensure safety, we first disconnected the power supply of the water dispenser and took necessary protective measures. Then, we carefully disassembled the outer shell of the water dispenser to access the circuit board for inspection.
  2. Circuit board inspection: During the examination of the circuit board, we found that essential electrical components such as the transistor, resistor, and transformer were visibly affected by the lightning strike and had been damaged, rendering them incapable of functioning properly. The failure of these components directly caused the power short circuit problem.
  3. Replacement of electrical components: Based on the inspection results, we decided to replace the damaged electrical components. First, we removed the damaged rectifier bridge and installed a brand new one to ensure the proper flow of current. Next, we replaced the faulty varistor to enhance the water dispenser’s ability to withstand voltage fluctuations. Lastly, we replaced the damaged transformer with a new one to ensure the normal output of electrical energy.
  4. Comprehensive testing: After replacing the electrical components, we conducted comprehensive testing to ensure the circuit board was free from errors. Simultaneously, we inspected other critical parts to ensure the entire water dispenser’s functionalities were restored to normal.

Resumption of operation

After patient and meticulous repair work, the fault in the stainless steel hot and cold water dispenser was successfully resolved. Upon completing the repair, we reconnected the power supply, tested the cold and hot water functions, and the water dispenser smoothly resumed its normal operation.

Preventive measures

To prevent similar failures from happening again, it is recommended that users disconnect the power supply and unplug the water dispenser before the onset of thunderstorms to avoid damage to the circuitry. Additionally, regular maintenance and cleaning of the electrical components and internal structure of the water dispenser can prolong its lifespan and improve its stability.


Repairing a stainless steel hot and cold water dispenser is a comprehensive task that requires meticulous inspection and careful repair procedures. By promptly replacing the damaged electrical components, we successfully resolved the power short circuit issue, restoring the water dispenser to normal operation. We hope that through this repair experience, users can gain a better understanding of the maintenance and repair of water dispensers, ensuring their stable operation for a long time and providing users with a clean and convenient drinking experience.















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