Repairing Case 3 : Winix W-3TD Water Dispenser Hot Water Tap Replace

Today i received a customer called, he say the Winix water dispenser happened water dripping problem from the hot water push tap. So, let me guide everyone how to replace this hot push tap.

This is Model Winix W-3TD Hot Cold Water Dispenser.

Hot push tap happening of water dripping problem.

Over a night, you can saw the water dripped in the bottom cover full soon.

Ok, before tap replace, you have to flushing out the water.

Take out the top cover, you can see 2 pieces of screw in the water dispenser left & right hand side.

Take out the screws.

Pull the main cover from bottom to top.

You can see the hot water push tap.

Turning out the problem hot tap.

And you can see the male connector part.

Ok, replace the new hot push tap. Done

This is older one.