Installation Case 60 : FreshPure Energy Water System With 5 Elements Filtration

Hi, Today preparing to install this FreshPure Energy Water System.
IMG 20170314 163745 water filter

4 pieces filter built-in the box. If you want to know more about filters detail. (Reference Page)
IMG 20170314 163504 water filter

Extended pre-filter is ceramic candle, filtering 0.9 micron. Cleaning every 2 weeks to 1 month.
IMG 20170314 165114 water filter

Connect the 2 way adapter valve to faucet for water supply.
IMG 20170314 165354 water filter

And then connect inlet & outlet piping.
IMG 20170314 170241 water filter

If you don’t know how to install it, you can refer this installation guide.
IMG 20170314 170303 water filter

Many certified of this Freshpure energy water system.
IMG 20170314 165235 water filter

IMG 20170314 163756 water filter

Installation done.
IMG 20170314 165222 water filter