Replace Filters Case 10 : Reinstall & Filters Replace for MIDEA Table Top Hot Cold Water Dispenser

Today prepared to reinstall & replace filters for this water dispenser brand Midea.MIDEA water dispenserWith 4 elements filter. 20150728_111611_water_filter

Joined the inlet water. 20150728_113413_water_filter

Drilling a hole for tubing go thru to outside. 20150728_113417_water_filter20150728_113512_water_filter

Cleaning the balance water tap.20150728_113028_water_filter20150728_112058_water_filter

And cleaning the floating ball.20150728_113036_water_filter

Changed done. 20150728_113503_water_filter20150728_112108_water_filter

Discarded the old filters. 20150728_111617_water_filter