Replace Filters Case 11 : MIDEA Floor Standing Hot Cold RO Water Dispenser

This is RO water dispenser. Prepared to filters change. Midea Ro water dispenser

With 4 elements filters, Dollton Sediment, Dollton Pre-Carbon, Olsmopure Membrane & Dollton Carbon Block. 20150728_152152_water_filter

When i open the Step 3 Membrane casing, the membrane filter is very dirty. 20150728_153303_water_filter

Replaced it done.20150728_153450_water_filter

Also replace the new tubing, one is inlet water & one is drained water.20150728_154717_water_filter

Done. 20150728_153828_water_filter20150728_154842_water_filter

Discarded the old filters. 20150728_154041_water_filter