Replace Filters Case 20 : ECOTECH 4536 Nano Ultra Filtration UF Membrane Filter

Today prepared to replace Ecotech 4536 outdoor nano ultra filtration uf membrane.20150926_125928_water_filter

This outdoor water filtration uf membrane system size is 4 inch x 36 inch.20150926_125936_water_filterIMG-20150922-WA0007_water_filter

This is top of filtration system.20150926_125943_water_filter

Bottom of filtration system.20150926_125951_water_filter

Center of system.20150926_130000_water_filterIMG-20150922-WA0002_water_filter

This is completed set Ecotech outdoor 4536 uf membrane filtration system.IMG-20150922-WA0005_water_filterIMG-20150922-WA0004_water_filter

Replacement service done.20150926_122839_water_filter