Replace Filters Case 47 : CW919C Hot Warm Cold Water Dispenser Kemflo Filters

Todai i will doing filters cartridge replace for this water dispenser, model no cw919c.
IMG 20170317 112609 water filter

This is 4 elements filter cartridge filtration system.
IMG 20170317 105336 water filter

Ok, prepare to replace new filters.
IMG 20170317 113815 water filter

Before this, have to washing & cleaning everything, like storage tank, cover.
IMG 20170317 110316 water filter

I think this dispenser long time didn’t services.
IMG 20170317 110754 water filter

Ok, let me cleaning the tank first.
IMG 20170317 111203 water filter

And the cover and top casing.
IMG 20170317 113734 water filter

This is older filters.
IMG 20170317 111623 water filter