Replace Filters Case 50 : Winix W-6D POU Hot Cold Water Cooler Filters Replacement Service

Today will doing replacement filters cartridge services for this POU water cooler brand Winix model W-6D.
IMG 20170411 162241 water filterIMG 20170414 144344 water filter

Built-in 4 elements filter cartridge brand Aqua, let us doing cleaning and filters replace now.
IMG 20170411 162235 water filter

We have to check the storage tank first and cleaning it. Look like long time didn’t services.
IMG 20170411 162501 water filter

And residues stuck on the floating ball.
IMG 20170411 170421 water filter

Also the water balance cap.
IMG 20170411 170402 water filter

Some dirt in the tank.
IMG 20170411 163111 water filter

Ok, cleaning tank first.
IMG 20170411 170330 water filter

Second cleaning the floating ball control and balancing water cap.
IMG 20170411 170346 water filter

Filters replacement done.
IMG 20170414 143810 water filterIMG 20170411 165251 water filter