Install Case 92 : Taiwan Buder BD-3100 Water Dispenser The Perfect Fusion of Eco-Friendly Refrigerant and Stylish Design

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In modern life, water dispensers have long become indispensable household appliances. However, customers have reported issues such as malfunctioning cooling mechanisms in their Buder BD-3100 water dispensers. Designed to address these needs, the Buder BD-3100 single cold water dispenser stands out as a masterpiece. In this article, we will delve into the remarkable features of this water dispenser to showcase why it’s an excellent choice.

Eco-Friendly Refrigerant: R-134a The heightened awareness of environmental protection has driven innovation in the home appliance industry. The Buder BD-3100 water dispenser utilizes the eco-friendly refrigerant R-134a, harmonizing cooling performance with environmental consciousness. This not only helps reduce harm to the ozone layer but also ensures efficient cooling, consistently maintaining the refreshing coldness of the water.

Robust Cooling Efficiency: Sleek and Minimalist Design The enlarged design of the cooling fins in this water dispenser ensures exceptional heat dissipation, maintaining key components such as the compressor at optimal working temperatures. Its sleek and minimalist appearance not only blends seamlessly with modern home aesthetics but also boasts impressive practicality. Its lightweight and compact size enable it to fit effortlessly in any space.

Perfect Balance of Size and Capacity With dimensions of W23 x D35 x H126 cm, the Buder BD-3100 water dispenser strikes a perfect balance between size and capacity. This compact design easily finds a place even in limited spaces. With a 3L capacity for cold water, it meets the daily hydration needs of households, offices, and factories, reducing the need for frequent water refills.

Efficient and Energy-Saving Performance Energy consumption has always been a significant consideration in appliance design. The Buder BD-3100 water dispenser excels in cooling performance while requiring a mere 190W of power. This allows you to enjoy chilled water while contributing to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency.

Multiple Filtration for Water Quality Assurance Whether in factories or office environments, water safety is paramount. The Buder BD-3100 water dispenser features an external 1-layer and internal 3-layer filtration system, totaling 4 layers of filtration. It effectively removes impurities, odors, and harmful substances from the water, providing users with clean and healthy drinking water.

Convenient Filtration Method This water dispenser supports an external life support filtration system with a filtration accuracy of 0.01 micrometers, making the water filtration process even more convenient and efficient.

In conclusion, the Buder BD-3100 single cold water dispenser offers an array of features such as eco-friendly refrigerant, sleek design, energy efficiency, and multi-stage filtration. It provides users with a reliable, healthy, and stylish solution for their hydration needs. Whether in households or workplaces, it’s poised to be your ideal choice, enhancing your daily life with convenience and comfort.




Buder普德BD-3100饮水机的尺寸为 宽23 x 深35 x 高126 cm,这种紧凑的设计在有限的空间中也能轻松找到位置。其冰水容量达到3L,满足了家庭办公室及工厂的日常饮水需求,不再频繁添加水源。





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