Repair Case 24 : Replace Rocket Stainless Steel Outdoor Water Filter’s Seal Gasket and Filter Cartridge

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In today’s maintenance and servicing task, we successfully replaced the seal gasket and filter cartridge of a Rocket stainless steel outdoor water filter for a valued client. The primary reason for this replacement was the aging and hardening of the seal gasket, which led to water leakage issues in the filter. Simultaneously, we also placed significant emphasis on the replacement of the sand, gravel, and activated carbon filter cartridge to ensure a consistent and efficient water filtration performance.

Replacement of the Seal Gasket

The performance and effectiveness of the stainless steel outdoor water filter are significantly influenced by the condition of the seal gasket. Over time, due to factors like oxidation and UV radiation, the gasket tends to deteriorate, becoming rigid and losing its original elasticity and sealing properties. This degradation can result in leakage problems within the filter system, impacting water filtration efficiency, and potentially causing damage to the filter cartridge and other components.

Regularly inspecting and replacing the seal gasket is a vital step in maintaining the filter’s performance. By using fresh and supple seal gaskets, the filter’s tight seal is ensured, effectively preventing water leakage and safeguarding the safety and hygiene of household water usage.

Replacement of the Sand, Gravel, and Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge

In addition to the seal gasket, the filter cartridge is another crucial component of the water filter system. In this maintenance session, we replaced the sand, gravel, and activated carbon filter cartridge for the client, ensuring a high-quality water filtration experience.

The sand, gravel, and activated carbon filter cartridge effectively eliminates impurities, particulates, and odors from the water, providing a refreshing drinking water experience. However, over time, impurities can accumulate within the cartridge, leading to a decrease in filtration speed and efficiency. Regularly replacing the filter cartridge guarantees that the water filter’s performance remains optimal, offering a healthy water environment for your family.

When it comes to maintaining and servicing water filters, the replacement of the seal gasket and filter cartridge are two indispensable components. Through periodic checks and replacements of these critical parts, you not only extend the lifespan of your water filter but also ensure high-quality water standards, safeguarding your family’s health. Should you require professional water filter maintenance services, consider our team, as we are dedicated to providing top-notch service, ensuring that your water experience remains consistently excellent.









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