Repair Case 12 : How I Helped a Customer Solve their Leaking Filter Problem, Install DEMA Housing

IMG 4033IMG 4032IMG 4031As a professional plumber, I have come across many types of filter problems. One common issue that I often see is customers experiencing leakage problems with their filters. Recently, a customer approached me with a similar problem. Not only was their filter leaking, but they were also facing difficulties in replacing the filter cartridge as there was no water shut-off valve installed.

After examining the filter system, I suggested that the customer should consider installing a DEMA Housing filter. The DEMA Housing filter has a unique double rubber seal design that minimizes the chance of leakage. Additionally, it is easy to install and compatible with most filter systems.

To address the issue of no water shut-off valve, I recommended installing a shut-off valve near the filter system. This would allow the customer to easily shut off the water supply when replacing the filter cartridge, thereby reducing the risk of water damage and making filter replacement less messy.

After discussing the options with the customer, they agreed to install the DEMA Housing filter and the water shut-off valve. I installed both of these components for them, and they were very satisfied with the results. Not only did the new filter system eliminate the leakage problem, but the addition of the water shut-off valve made future filter replacement much more convenient.

In conclusion, as a professional plumber, I always strive to provide the best solutions for my customers. In this case, the installation of the DEMA Housing filter and water shut-off valve not only solved the customer’s leaking filter problem but also made filter replacement much more hassle-free.


经过检查滤器系统后,我建议客户考虑安装DEMA Housing过滤器。DEMA Housing过滤器具有独特的双重橡胶密封设计,最大程度地减少了漏水的可能性。此外,它易于安装,并且与大多数滤水器系统兼容。


在与客户讨论了这些选择后,他们同意安装DEMA Housing过滤器和水关闭阀门。我为他们安装了这两个组件,他们非常满意结果。新的滤器系统不仅解决了漏水问题,还添加了水关闭阀门,使以后更换滤芯更加方便。

总之,作为一名专业的水管工,我始终努力为客户提供最好的解决方案。在这种情况下,安装DEMA Housing过滤器和水关闭阀门不仅解决了客户的漏水滤器问题,还使更换滤芯更加方便。

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